Cocogarden Steamed Bone Meal- Organic Npk Fertilizer


• Organic manure rich in phosphorus, calcium and nitrogen
• Good for better root development and increased yield
• Can be used to remove the acidity of the soil
• Stimulates root production and improves the growth of both vegetables and flower plants
• Nontoxic and non-harmful to plants as its organic and natural



Feed your plants the best, and grow organic for life! The primary benefit of using bone meal is to make your garden bloom with its excellent source of phosphorus. When applying bone meal to your garden, be sure to mix it into the soil and not just top-dress it. Although bone meal is not toxic, it is not to be used as food for pets. It is ideal for Green roofs/Terrace gardening, Tissue culture, Hydroponics, Container growing, Floriculture, Home and Interior gardens, Nursery stocks, Interiors capes, Ornamental plants, Horticulture, Vegetables, Shrubs, Fruit trees, Cactus, Bonsai suitable , Seed starting, Root cuttings, Storing flower bulbs and tubers, etc.

Application: Apply 25 grams of bone meal at a frequency of 3 weeks for potted plants

Additional information

Dimensions 23 × 21 × 3 cm

400 gms, 900 gms, 5 kg, 10 kg


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