Plastic Planters Plastic pots


• Material: Plastic; Color: Brown; Package Content: Flower Pots
• This plastic garden pots are light weight, durable, unbreakable and unfadeable
• Ideal for home and office gardening and useful for flower plants, very small vegetable plants, seedling etc.


Cocogarden presents terracotta color plastic flower pot. When people hear the word flower pot, they immediately think of the classic orange-brown ceramic pots which you can see in many stores. Plastic is obviously a durable material when it is compared to its other counterparts. This plastic planter is suitable for indoor use like bedroom, living room, office desk, dining table and as well as outdoor use like terrace, kitchen garden. This will be a beautiful decorative item for your office, kitchen, study room, living area. This planter has wide opening mouth which is easy to maintain. This planter will resist the harshness of sunlight and it is not as brittle as the clay pots or planters which you might be using. Also you do not want to worry about rusting of planter which is made by metal or steel. You should also know that the decorative varieties of pot with its unique finishes are more expensive than the plain ones.

Dimensions 21 × 21 × 30 cm

8 inch, 12 inch


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