Cocogarden Coconut Coco Husk Chips for Plants


Excellent growing medium for anthurium, orchid and succulent plants
Ideal for bedding of terrariums
Allow oxygen to flow freely around plant roots, maintaining health of your plants, allowing them to grow larger and faster
This is nearly neutral on the pH scale, making it ideal for lots of plants without the need for additives.
Natural grow medium for indoor and outdoor plants

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Coconut husk chips are made from coconut husk chipped into small sized chips called Coco Chips. Coco Chips are added to potting soil or mixed with Coco Peat to regulate the aeration of growing medium and maintain the ideal air to moisture ratio for the plant roots. Allows better water flow to plants and are ideal for soilless plants like orchids and as landscaping mulch. Naturally improve moisture drainage – ideal for those of you living in areas that receive heavy rainfall.<br>About Us:<br>We are leading manufacturers and retailers of garden products with a vision to enable every home nurture health and happiness in life by growing plants using our products. We have established us as a trusted go to and reliable brand for garden products. Our core products are Cocopeat, Vermicompost, Plant Fertilizer, Potting Soil Mix, Grow Bags, Planters, Garden tools and Seeds.


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