Cocogarden Cocopeat Brick


  • Retains moisture, stores and releases nutrients to roots over extended period of time enhancing plant growth
  • Ideal growing media for plants when mixed with manure
  • High sucess rate when used for seed germination
  • To use as grow media mix cocopeat 1:1 with manure or mix equal proportions of cocopeat, manure and red soil
  • Conserves water, promotes healthy plant growth, improves soil quality, resistant to bacteria and fungus.
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Enriches Garden Soil:
It is a natural soil conditioner that enriches the garden soil. This coconut peat block has the capacity to retain a high amount of moisture, which in turn helps with water conservation. Providing extra aeration to the roots, it helps promotes healthy growth.
Germinates Seeds:
It is a natural product that helps germinate seeds of any type of plant. It is useful for plant growth in any field of horticulture or floriculture.
Resists Fungal Growth:
This natural soil conditioner is resistant to the growth of bacteria and fungus. It promotes healthy soil enrichment.

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