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    Organic Potting Soil Ready to use Mix


    • Provides efficient drainage-aeration and enough water holding capacity saving water
    • Made with 100% natural ingredients, No chemicals added with this mix
    • Light Weight and easy to handle. Protects roots and makes the plant healthy
    • Can be readily used to plants of all kinds such as indoor, outdoor and household plants
    • Ideal for all kinds of container or potted plants

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    Natural Garden Red Soil

    • This gardening red soil can be used for all types of plants
    • This pure natural soil contains all necessary vital nutrients for all indoor/outdoor flowers, vegetables, trees, shrubs, and house plants
    • It helps to boost the plants with required for growth and works great when combine with manure
    • This soil is well aerated & drained which helps to retain enough moisture for plant growth
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    Cocopeat Block – Expands Up To 75 Litres of Coco Peat Powder


    Retains Moisture, Stores And Releases Nutrients To Roots Over Extended Period Of Time Enhancing Plant Growth
    Average Weight of each block: 4.5 To 5 Kg
    Ideal Growing Media For Plants
    Washed Low EC Cocopeat conditioned for garden and agriculture use
    Can be used as soil conditioner, keeps the soil loose and ventilated

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    Cocopeat Brick

    • Retains moisture, stores and releases nutrients to roots over extended period of time enhancing plant growth
    • Ideal growing media for plants when mixed with manure
    • High sucess rate when used for seed germination
    • To use as grow media mix cocopeat 1:1 with manure or mix equal proportions of cocopeat, manure and red soil
    • Conserves water, promotes healthy plant growth, improves soil quality, resistant to bacteria and fungus.
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    Cocopeat Disc (Brown)


    • Total Weight: 180 to 200 gms
    • Size: Diameter 10 cms Height 2 cms
    • Made from the 100% organic renewable raw material coco fibre extract
    • Provides plenty of aeration and excess water drainage for roots
    • Each Coco peat disc expands to 400 gms powder when water added
    • Smart solution for clean and easy handling of garden soil

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    • Package Contents:1-Piece Cocopeat Powder Pack
    • Ideal growing media for plants
    • Ready to use
    • Retains moisture, stores and releases nutrients to roots over extended period of time enhancing plant growth
    • Light weight