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    Pongamia Cake karanja Natural Fertilizer (900g, Yellow)

    • Pongamia cake powder is obtained after extracting the oil from seeds
    • Rich in Micro and Macro Nutrients
    • Used as Natural Fertilizer
    • Can be used for home garden and agriculture
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    Natural pest Neem Oil Control for Plants


    • Effective repellent of a wide variety of common garden bugs, including caterpillars, nematodes, locusts, aphids, Japanese beetles and mites
    • In the home, neem oil can be used to combat ant, cockroach, fly, termite, mosquito and bedbug infestations
    • Serves multiple purposes that may otherwise be provided by dangerous chemicals
    • Instruction: Mix 5 ml of neem oil with 1 litre of water with 1 drop of any soap liquid and spray on the plants during later evening
    • Use the mix within 8 hours as beyond that the ingredients will start to break down

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    Wood Ash for Garden Plants Rich in Potash


    • Wood ash is a natural source of potassium and trace elements
    • Has a liming effect, so wood ash can remedy excessively acidic soils
    • Can be used to raise the pH to inhibit the plant disease
    • Addition to potassium, wood ashes also contains other essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium and phosphorus
    • Can be used in nearly any type of garden, including flowering plants, herbs, vegetables, and fruit trees

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    Groundnut Cake Natural Fertilizer


    • Natural nitrogenous fertilizer and can be used with many other different types of fertilizers
    • Can be used as organic fertilizer in our home garden, plants, lawn, agriculture land, terrace farming
    • Made from high quality groundnut. First the cake is made then it is crushed to make the powder
    • Natural, Environment friendly, Chemical free and Economical

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    Epsom Salt – Magnesium Sulphate


    • Excellent source of Magnesium and Sulphur
    • Enhances plant’s ability to produce flowers and set fruits
    • It helps improve flower blooming and enhances plant’s green color
    • It prevents yellowing of leaves in plants due to magnesium deficiency
    • Optimum level of magnesium and sulfur enables plants produce sweeter and tastier fruits and vegetables
    • It also provides vital nutrients to supplement your regular fertilizer
    • Application: 1 table spoon per month per plant apply directly into the soil or mix it with water and then apply

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    Natural Manure Organic Fertilizer


    • 100% Natural and complete plant food which has no added chemicals
    • Made through 40 days of aerobic decomposition
    • Manure contains cow dung, goat manure, ground nut cake, pungam cake, neem cake, sugar cane waste, wood ash, steamed bond meal and chopped plant leaves
    • This manure has excellent source of macro and micro nutrients for plants
    • It improves the soil quality and plant growth

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    Neem Cake Powder Fertilizer

    • Natural NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) and other micro nutrients that are needed for better growth of plants and better yield of fruits and vegetables
    • Improves plant root development and protects from nematodes
    • Soil conditioner and increases soil fertility
    • Suitable for all garden plants
    • It enriches the soil and protect the plant due to its natural pesticide content